Angela LoveridgeMy name is Angela and I deliver e-safety workshops that offer practical advice to parents and carers to protect children online.

So, how did my journey from mum of two, to e-safety champion begin?

Before having my children I achieved a MSc Information Technology and worked in a High Street bank in various roles before becoming a financial crime analyst. More recently, I have successfully achieved an EPICT Licence, which is an internationally recognised qualification that acknowledges the online safety expertise of professionals who work with children and young people. I have also received training on a Home Office endorsed course to raise awareness of the PREVENT initiative which is aimed at preventing individuals from getting involved in or supporting terrorism, in all its forms.

Like you, I want to do what’s best for my children. With modern technology entering almost every area of our lives, I decided to attend several e-safety workshops to learn how to protect my kids online. Although they were very eye-opening, in terms of shock value, they didn’t offer practical advice that I could use once I had left the workshop. In fact, when I put my hand up at the end of each workshop to ask for any hints or tips I was told to do the research myself on the Internet. This left me with more questions than answers. So, I decided to do as they had suggested.

After months of research, I came up with an e-safety action plan for myself and approached my local Children’s Centre to ask if I could share my findings with other interested parents/carers. To which they agreed. The responses that I got from those first workshops highlighted two things to me. Firstly, that I wasn’t the only parent who was struggling to get my head around the issue of online safety. Secondly, that the content of my workshops were not only being well-received, but parents were leaving feeling enthused about having their own unique action plan.

Having witnessed this over several workshops, I have been prompted to spread the word so that other parents, just like us, can put things in place to protect our children.

I now deliver a range of workshop tailored to the specific needs of parents and carers as well as teenagers, adults and the older generation. I also deliver workshops to teachers and professionals.

I’m always finding out about the latest trends, locally and nationally. I use a wide variety of sources. These include, amongst others:
– Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) ambassador-led workshops
– Presentations by South West Grid for Learning;
– Information sessions delivered by Regional Cyber Crime Unit;

I also have:
– an “Excellence in Safeguarding” qualification;
– an Advanced DBS (formerly known as CRB);
– attended a Home Office approved PREVENT Awareness Training Course.

Please call me on 07399 199 992 or email me on info@btogether.org.uk to find out how I can help you and your family, or to book a place on a Better Together e-safety workshop.