E Safety for Parents

E Safety for ParentsE Safety for Parents from Better Together ensures that the whole family stays safe online. Born into a pre-internet age, it can be frightening to know that your children are more internet-savvy than you are. I can safely say that, as a mother, I lost countless nights of sleep worrying about my children’s online safety. That is why I chose to study for and gain an EPICT licence; to share my knowledge with you, the modern parent, to quash your worries and to answer all your questions. I can talk you through how I learned all I need to know to put my own mind at rest.

With cyber bullying and online grooming frequently making the headlines, it is important to know how to protect your children. Better Together are here to help. My workshops teach you all you need to know. Before you can teach your children about e safety online, you need to educate yourself. After attending workshops myself, I decided that I wanted to learn more. I wanted to find the answers to the questions and, most importantly, I wanted to spread my knowledge to like-minded parents.

E Safety for Parents from Better Together

E safety for Parents covers a broad spectrum of topics.

  • We discuss a range of options to protect your child online.
  • We suggest how these tools can be adapted to suit each child.
  • We show how to report inappropriate online content or behaviour.

Knowing how to stay within your comfort zone can be difficult if you are new to the online world. This is why cyber safety is so important to parents . Whether you are a parent, a carer or a school teacher the importance of e safety cannot be stressed strongly enough. With cyber safety day being celebrated all over the globe, staying safe online has never been as important as it is today. Used correctly the Internet is a marvelous creation. Overused or abused, it can be as bad as other well documented addictions. Try my workshops and internet safety tips for parents. My workshops will ensure you keep your life in balance and on an even keel, and that of the children in your care.

So, if you are worried that your child:

  • Knows more about technology than you
  • Spends too long online
  • Is just a few clicks away from inappropriate content
  • Is just a few clicks away from in-app purchases
  • Has people on their ‘friends’ list that they don’t know in real life
  • Has received messages from strangers
  • Is sharing their personal information
  • Might not tell you if “something doesn’t feel right”

And you don’t know where to start then I can help – you don’t need to be a computer expert.

Please email me on info@btogether.org.uk or call me on 07399 199 992 to find out how I can help you and your children, or to find out how to book a place on a Better Together workshop.