E Safety for Adults and Seniors

E Safety for AdultsE safety is not just about keeping kids safe online. Internet safety for adults is not just for parents wanting to protect their kids; it is for all adults, including the older generation.

Better Together E Safety for Adults

Becoming the victim of cyber bullying is not just for kids. Innocent online chat can lead to your personal information being published all over the web or worse. Headlines suggest that an increasing number of adults fall into a downward spiral of the Internet underworld, failing to differentiate between the real world and the cyber world with which they have become accustomed to. Online trolling is another headline to frequently hit the news. Keeping personal information safe is of paramount importance to you when you go online; stolen identity and Internet fraud are two more popular topics of conversation within the news.

The majority of the adult population in the UK has at least one social media account. But do you really know how to use social media correctly? Coming from an IT background myself, I found the need to learn everything I could about online safety. The workshops I attended didn’t leave me satisfied. So I went on to find out more.

Online safety for Adults workshops, from Better Together, can show you how to use your mobile phone safely and how to avoid infections on your devices from malware and viruses. We can show you how to block or report people and problems, and how to recognise different types of cyber crime. We also discuss the current trends in cyber crime and what you can do to protect yourself.


Better Together: Helping Our Senior Citizens Stay Safe with E-Safety for Seniors

E Safety for Seniors

In the modern world everyone has access to the internet, including senior citizens. Internet for seniors is booming. The older generation, like the rest of the population, are using computers more and more; from shopping for a gift for a beloved grandchild to online dating. Some of the older generation are vulnerable, they are in danger in the real world and the cyber world. Better Together are here to provide you with all the necessary information on internet safety for seniors to ensure your elderly family members stay safe online. I know that as a parent I worry not only about my children’s safety online, but that of my elderly family members too.

In society senior citizens can sadly become victims of fraud; a knock at the door to read the gas meter, a phone call saying they have won a prize if they give their bank details. But it is not just in real life that the older generation are at risk. The Internet has opened up an underworld full of opportunities for making our senior citizens very vulnerable. Internet safety for seniors is therefore just as important as it is for the younger generation.

Better Together workshops are here to help protect not just our kids, but our seniors too. They are designed for both you and your family members. Attend alone, or together with your family member to learn all about internet safety for seniors. They can teach you:

  • How to surf safely.
  • How to create strong passwords.
  • How to recognise email frauds and scams.
  • How to get the most from social networks safely.

They can introduce you to a whole new world, making it a world that is safe. I never tire of explaining what I have learned, sharing my knowledge using words that you can really understand.

Seniors use the Internet for many things, from online dating to entertainment. In fact, usage of computers by seniors is growing at a phenomenal rate. Marketing via the Internet for senior citizens is everywhere you turn. I can assist you with practicalities such as online banking, shopping online, and looking for medical advice online. Computers for senior citizens are a great investment as they can be useful in so many different ways. Just as kids are eager to learn about technology, so are the older generation. My workshops are here to ensure the learning curve is fun, easy to understand, and most importantly to ensure that your adventure into the unknown is safe. If internet access for senior citizens is worrying you, then Better Together is here to help.

Please email me on info@btogether.org.uk or call me on 07399 199 992 to find out how I can help you and your family members, or to find out how to book a place onto a Better Together workshop.