E Safety for Teachers and Professionals

E Safety for TeachersBeing a teacher or a professional who works with kids comes with huge responsibility in the modern world. Part of this responsibility is ensuring that the respective students or children use the Internet as intended. Better Together are here to help you with all areas of e safety for teachers and professionals. My workshops address safeguarding concerns and offer a comprehensive and complete guide to internet safety for teachers. I don’t believe in jargon. My workshops are designed for teachers and professionals alike, regardless of your current internet and computer knowledge.

Better Together: Internet Safety UK E Safety for Teachers

As a professional or teacher in the UK, you may feel under pressure. With rules and regulation surrounding the correct use of the Internet, panic can easily set in. You must be up to date with e safety for teachers. Did you forget to ask for parental permission before publishing your online content? Are the students in your care accessing material that is inappropriate? Are the children or teenagers you work with suffering in silence at the hands of cyber bullies? As a parent, I found myself compelled to find out all I could about the darker side to the Internet. And now I want to share my findings with you.

My e safety for Teachers and Professionals workshop covers all areas of e safety, including anti-bullying and digital behaviour policies. I can provide you with the information you need to know about the use of social media within the workplace or for education purposes. I provide ongoing support for teachers, allowing you to keep up to date with new info about e safety. Students use the Internet for their homework; it is part of your responsibility to ensure that once outside the classroom they have enough knowledge to make sure their Internet activities stay safe. Better Together is here to help you understand the true importance of e safety.

Within the workplace, the importance of internet e safety is crucial for your professional reputation. I will help to advise teachers and professionals on a range of topics including social networking, reviewing online content before publishing and on what is considered to be appropriate and, more importantly, inappropriate content. Not all of your employees will have been born into the age of computers. With my help you can reassure your whole workforce that their online activities are safe. From learning how to browse safely to how to ensure their individual privacy is maintained on line, Better Together has got it covered.

To find out how I can help you, or to find out how to book a place on a Better Together workshop, please email me on info@btogether.org.uk or call me on 07399 199 992.