E Safety for Teens

E Safety for TeensWhen discussing e safety, the most worrying area for most is how to keep our teenagers safe. Children of school leaving age are more likely to rebel if you impose a social media ban. Teenagers need freedom. As a mother, I know this only too well. This freedom must be given to them without allowing our children to get into danger. All teens have access to the Internet. If your child does not own a smartphone they will have a friend that does. E safety for teens includes not just cyber bullying and grooming, it covers all areas from ensuring their computer is password-enabled to understanding the long term implications of their digital footprint.

Better Together E Safety for Teenagers

Better Together are here to help you understand how to educate your child about not just the opportunities the Internet gives us, but the impending dangers too. After attending workshops myself I decided to expand my own knowledge. I was left unsatisfied with what I had learnt and was hungry to learn more. From learning about digital footprints, to firewall software and Internet security software, my workshops on internet safety tips for kids will equip your teenagers with everything they need to know. Teens love the Internet and technology. In that respect, teaching online safety for teens is a breeze. Eager to learn about technology, you can introduce your child to delicate subjects such as only meeting people they know in the real world with ease.

Our teenagers need to learn about internet identity, privacy and about the importance of digital literacy. They need to learn how to use email and social networking safety. What to share and what not to share, how to use only secure websites, and how to protect their mobile phone devices. E safety for teens is all about using common sense. It is about not being afraid to report or block unacceptable content, and that’s not just in the virtual world.

E safety for teenagers is all about making our virtual world a safe place to live in. Just like we worry about our kids being out late at night, we also need to be aware of what they are doing on their phones late at night. It’s a parent’s natural instinct to worry about their child. My workshops and cyber safety tips will allow you to worry less. With our Internet safety for teenagers workshop, you can teach yourself about Internet safety for teens and then go on to educate your own kids. Better Together has all the Internet safety tips for teens you could possibly need, and more.

With an EPICT licence, a Better Together workshop for parents of teenagers covers a wide variety of issues that our teenagers face.

  • We discuss the specific risks and concerns to teenagers.
  • We suggest practical advice to help them become responsible digital citizens.
  • We show how a balanced approach can help with addictive behaviour.

As I am DBS checked, to the Enhanced level, I can also deliver workshops directly to teenagers to raise their awareness of appropriate, and inappropriate, digital behaviour as well as the potential short term and long term implications of their digital footprint. A Better Together workshop delivered directly to teens discusses:

  • Social networking
  • Cyberbullying
  • Grooming
  • Passwords
  • Copyright
  • Plagiarism
  • Digital citizenship

To find out how I can help you and your teenagers or to find out how to book a place onto a Better Together workshop please email me on info@btogether.org.uk or call me on 07399 199 992.