Better Together E-Safety Awareness

online-safetyWelcome to Better Together, leaders in e safety workshops for you and your family. We are here to guide you through the delicate process of ensuring you and your family’s safety online.

The internet has changed the way we interact with the world, it is an integral part of our lives especially that of our children. Children are using computers from a very early age both at school and at home. It is impossible to control every second of internet activity of teens in your care, whether at home or within an educational background. An astounding percentage of teens in the UK own a mobile phone with internet connection and or a games console with online gaming. As a mother I felt compelled to find out all I could about e-safety. Now I am here to share my findings with you through my friendly workshops. My workshops are available for the following areas:

  • Online safety for parents.
  • Internet safety for teens and school leavers.
  • Internet safety for adults and seniors.
  • Internet safety for teachers and professionals.

Better Together: Internet Safety Online Made Easy

Better Together offers e-safety for kids workshops that are designed for parents, guardians, care-givers, teachers and non-teaching professionals who work with children and young people. Our workshops aimed directly at teenagers focuses on the important issues of digital behaviour, digital footprints, as well as staying safe online. Workshops for adults and seniors are geared towards adult internet use. My workshops will answer all those questions you have on internet safety. The internet is a powerful yet frightening place and as parents you worry about your children’s internet usage. Just as you wish to keep children in your care safe in the real world I can help ensure they stay safe in the virtual world too. My workshops are designed to teach you what you need to know about the internet, explain the jargon you don’t understand, offer you the e- safety advice you need, and much more besides.

The Internet is undoubtedly one of the most phenomenal creations of the 20th century, but it has led to problems in the virtual world that simply didn’t exist prior to its invention. It is not just students, but adults and seniors too that can become victims of the internet. With my workshops you can ensure internet safety within your home, school or work place is at a reassuringly high level. E-safety covers a huge number of areas, some of the most prevalent are the following:

  • Grooming
  • Social networking
  • Cyber bullying
  • Sexting
  • Searching
  • Gaming
  • Online purchases
  • Inappropriate content
  • Sharing of personal information

My cyber safety for kids workshops and adults will allow you to get familiar with internet terms. I understand that you, as an adult, were probably born in the pre-internet age and it is frightening to think that kids are more Internet-savvy than us sometimes. Learn how to keep your children safe. Learn about the importance of e-safety. Learn how to give tips to children on the importance of e-safety without coming over as being overbearing or condescending. Learn how to recognise the tell-tale signs of cyber bullying and explicit sexual interchanges. Together we can beat cyber bullying and grooming and we can prevent explicit content getting into the wrong hands.

With workshops from Better Together we can make the cyber world a safer place by giving you all the best internet safety tips for kids and adults. I am here to listen, I am here for you to help you learn all about e-safety for all ages. I want to hear your concerns whether for kids, teenagers or senior family members. Voice your concerns with like-minded people and together we will tackle your fears head on.